Tips on How to Eat Healthy While Travelling

salad on a plate

Do you tend to throw caution to the winds when you are traveling, and to indulge in unhealthy food? A poor diet and failure to maintain fitness come with consequences, such as weight gain. You may also feel sluggish and experience bloated feelings. Hence, it may be prudent to consider the following tips on how to eat healthy while traveling.

Pitfalls to Avoid

  • Skipping Breakfast – Breakfast is viewed as the most important meal of the day, one that aids weight loss. This is because it boosts energy levels and jump-starts your metabolism. Most importantly, it helps you avoid overeating and snacking later in the day.
  • Snacking – It is easy to reach for a snack during the long waits at the airport. However, indulging in French fries and nuts may ruin your diet even before the flight takes off. Better choices are dry roasted pistachios and fresh fruits.
  • Not drinking enough water – When you stay hydrated, not only does this prevent headaches, but it also helps with appetite control. When you are dehydrated, it increases hunger.
  • Overeating – Much as it is enjoyable to sample new and exotic foods, overeating leads to bloating and headaches. Therefore, rather than waiting to indulge in one big meal, the healthier option is to eat small healthy meals every couple of hours.
  • Overdrinking – The intake of alcohol tends to lead to unhealthy eating. In addition, it worsens dehydration, hence, it is recommended that you keep alcohol intake to the minimum.

How to eat healthy while traveling

Pack Healthy Snacks

To avoid the pitfall of unhealthy snacking, stock up on non-perishable snacks, such as protein bars, and jerky. When you snack every 3 or 4 hours, it helps you make better meal choices.

Avoid Airline Food

The food served onboard flights is not always well balanced, they’re a healthier option is to pack tasty and satisfying food such as oatmeal that only requires hot water to prepare.

Eat Plenty of Vegetables

 By all means, have a blast and enjoy the delicious new cuisine, however, aim to fill half your plate with vegetables. This is a healthy option that will help you stay within your calorie allowance.

Do Research Before Travel

Most destinations have food outlets that cater to health-conscious individuals. It is a good idea to investigate the healthy food options available at your destination. Make a note of the addresses of food stores and restaurants that are listed and save their numbers on your phone.

Cook Your Own Meals

This may take advance planning and special arrangements, however, it is the best way to maintain your normal eating routine. When booking your hotel, request a refrigerator and microwave. If need be, you may decide to stay in an Airbnb facility.

On arrival, pay a visit to the local supermarket and purchase your supplies. That way you can partake of healthy food options such as omelets and salads.

It is indeed possible to eat healthy while traveling, and there are several benefits of doing so. Not only will you keep healthy, but you will also feel more energetic and alert. In addition, you will sleep better and best of all look good.